Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose Elite Title?

 • Michele R. Rodriguez, the owner has over 30 years? experience in Real Estate Law

 •  Guarantee closing transaction is conducted to the satisfaction of the parties

 •  Direct online access to Clerk of Court in most parishes allowing for a 24hr turnaround       time on abstracts and title commitments

 •  Web based closing program allowing immediate access company-wide to all files

 •  Statewide closing capability for Louisiana

 • 4 offices conveniently located throughout Louisiana

Do I need anything else besides a deed?

 • Owning your property free and clear involves more than having a deed in hand. A deed does not cancel certain prior ?rights? and ?claims? other people may have to your property ? rights whose existence you never suspected; claims that may go back in time months or decades to the earliest owner of your newly acquired property.

How can I make sure my property is really mine?

 • "What protection" you may ask, "do I have against any previous "claims" or "rights". The answer to this question is Owner's Title Insurance

What Should I expect and bring to my real estate closings? 

 •  We will thoroughly review the closing packet during the meeting and answer any questions you may have. Please bring some form of identification (License, Medical card, etc.), we will need to make a copy. 

Why do I need to close even on a refinance?

 • When you refinance you are obtaining a new loan, even if you are staying with your original lender. Your lender will usually require a new title search and Loan Policy to protect their investment in the property. You will not need to purchase a new Owner's Policy; the one you bought at closing is good for as long as you and your heirs have an interest in the property.

Why do I need owners title insurance when Title company examines title? 

 • Owner's title insurance stays with you the entire length of the time you own property. The owners title insurance will protect you from Title issues that may not be readily apparent upon the examination of a title in the conveyance and mortgage records. The attorney who examines the Title is responsible for title issues which should have been discovered during a normal Title search. An owner's title policy will afford you legal represantation at the expense of the Title company in the event of a title defect.